Sharing the joy of living with a signature smile,

she casts herself as a Bilingual Communicator.

Belonged to Gekidan Himawari, one of the leading Children’s theater groups. Honors graduate of GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) at Musicians' Institute in Hollywood. She began her career as an MC in 2001 and leads various kinds of events to success- wedding, business, cultural and social contributions etc.

Her motto is to create a warm-hearted atmosphere that every single person in the audience can feel more real, just like to be spoken to individually.

Not only good as a front, but knows how people work hard behind the curtains; has a certain amount of experiences in event planning and operation in business occasions.

▽Educational Background
・Musicians Institute Guitar Institute of Technology, Hollywood, CA, USA
・Tokyo Communication Arts, Tokyo, Japan
・Metropolitan Kokusai high school Tokyo, Japan
・Gekidan Himawari, Tokyo, Japan

▽Professional Experiences
Bilingual MC (English-Japanese)>
・Kazakhstan Dinner & Dance Show~Exotic Wind from the Central Asia~ 
・CUERVO Y SOBRINOS (Swiss watch brand) /Press Party & Award
・Volkswagen Group Lamborghini/Tokyo Motor Show Press Dinner (Attend/Interpreter)
・Grundfos Pumps/International Evening
・International wedding receptions MC (Outdoor wedding included) etc

<Japanese MC>
・The taste of home project/Okome-Matsuri (Rice Festival) in Yokohama/Opening Ceremony
・‘Setouchi-Hiroshima Lemon’ from Hiroshima Pref. Media event
・Panasonic LUMIX baby photo workshop for parents called 'single-frame Picture Book'/PR event with a talk session
・Yoneda's Master Swing Secret Golf Seminar (MC)
・Osora no ue no monogatari ~Message from the Universe (Navigator)
・Second Life Japan/Conference
・Japan Foundation for Religious Freedom & Nippon Civilization Institute/Interfaith Forum (Planning/Operation/MC)
・Youth for Human Rights Japan/Peace & Heartwarming Kawaguchi for Children in Zambia etc

・Youth for Human Rights Japan/Special Lecture at Shimokitazawa Seitoku High School, Tokyo, Japan
・Fujitsu group/Promotional staff & MC Training
・MC a Go-Go! Live talk master/MC tutorials for musicians courses & seminars (Development/Instructor)
・Kids English instructor
・Guitar Eurhythmics instructor

 Music Life Stylist
 All About Guitar & Music Life Style Guide
 Guitar Eurhythmics evangelist (Google search result hacked!)